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General instructions for lecturers

Information from speakers/presenters, to be used in the programme

All presenters are kindly asked to deliver
  • A short description (abstract) of their presentation (5-8 lines)
  • An ultra-short CV (2-4 lines)
  • The title of your presentation to replace the provisional title
  • A portrait picture
  • Eye catcher pictures for the program in case they have some

Programme and address

Venue of the meeting can normally be found via the programme website
A link to the temporary list of participants may also be found on the programme web-site prior to the meeting.

Materials for the participants

The secretariat of ATV-SEMAPP produces a paper programme, a list of participants and a evaluation form. This will be distribuated to the participants while arriving.

The content of the presentation

The target audience of the ATV-SEMAPP meeting are typically technicians (they may have different positions such as Constructors, Designers, Managers and Directors) who are requesting
  • technical competence and comprehensive view,
  • focus on technology,
  • technical exposition and examples of application,
  • applied cases,
  • specific solutions (scientific solutions of a problem) and
  • hopefully inspiration for new initiatives in the day to day life of the participants.
This means that the presentaters should limit the presentation of the company’s history, financial data, organizational chart, etc. to a minimum (2-3 slides) and emphasise the meaning and relation this information has on the main theme of your announced abstract.

We have experienced negative reaction by the participants, if an presentation – whole or partially – can be perceived as a sales promotion.

Presentations published on the homepage

The secretariat will, unless the lecturer express that she/he does not agree, upload the presentations (special publishing issues are accepted) to a limited extent on ATV-SEMAPP’s homepage.
Logon procedures will be established.

Presentation of physical material

The lecturer is of course welcome to bring illustrative physical material.

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